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Modular Builds

Save Thousands on Your Next Modular Home!

SRH Homes offers custom built modular homes. You said custom? Yes , although we have some floor plans each home is custom built and can be custom designed to your exact needs or wants. If for some reason a modular build won't work or isn't cost effective for you, we can stick build a new home for you. That is something most other modular companies do not do!

Modular homes can be built in less time then traditional stick built homes and can offer some cost savings over stick built.. We can do any size modular, from small ranches to multi unit buildings and now commercial builds including retail and hotel.

Our modulars, unlike many other modular homes, are built right here in the Northeast and meet and exceed the national and local codes! They are fully engineered and stamped and come with a 10 year structural warranty.

Send us your plans today or start designing with us.

ADU's and efficiency style homes are available.

Check out our value engineered modular homes here

Common questions:​

How much does a modular cost to build? Cost can vary as most of the modular homes we build are custom designed and thus prices can vary.. Other factors such as transportation & crane cost can greatly affect the cost of home. 

Is a modular home cheaper than a stick built home? Usually but not always. As mentioned above transportation cost, local crane cost, home style and other costs have to be factored in but often you can save as much as 10% over stick built..  


I read online that a modular house only cost $100-$150 a square foot to build, is that true? Unfortunately it is not possible to build a turn house for that price. You can not, go strictly off a square foot price as it's not a one size fits all range. Smaller homes will actually have a higher per square foot price and larger will generally be less per square foot. 

Can you handle everything from start to finish? Yes that is the most common type of service we provide, complete turn key building services. 

Can we act as our own general contractor? Yes absolutely. We can sell you the house package and you can act as your own general contractor.  We only recommend this for people who have experience building in the past or industry experience. 

Where are your modular homes built? Our modular homes are built right here in the Northeast, so they are not shipped hundreds of miles from southern states. 

Do you offer financing? We do not offer financing directly but can recommend a few banks that will finance a modular home. One thing to keep in mind is payment schedule for a modulars homes is much different then a normal home build. 

What areas do you offer modular homes in? We offer move in ready homes in all of Southern NH, up to the North Conway area, Southern Maine and Northeastern Massachusetts.

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